What is squalene?

What is squalene?

Deep-sea sharks live 1,000 meters deep, where even light cannot reach them. Squalene extracted from the unique cod liver oil has It has a wonderful power hidden in it that increases your vitality. Squalene is also present in our bodies, and is an important component that decreases in most organs as we age.
Squalene is an important component of our body, but it is a component that decreases in most organs as we age.
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250 mg of squaleneis equivalent to this amount when converted to various foods!

Tuna (canned) 8kg

Beef 12kg

Butter 4kg

Cheese 2kg

Olive oil 60g

Peanut 11kg

Avocado about131kg

It is not possible to get the required amount of squalene from food. Samemilon Capsules can easily supplement squalene!

Difference between Squalene and Shark Liver Oil

Putting all that time and effort into shark liver oil, we produce squalene health food!

Advantages of Purification

Increased squalene purity

Easily oxidizable fatty acids and other components can also be removed!