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What is squalene?

What is squalene?

Deep-sea sharks live 1,000 meters deep, where even light cannot reach them. Squalene extracted from the unique cod liver oil has It has a wonderful power hidden in it that increases your vitality. Squalene is also present in our bodies, and is an important component that decreases in most organs as we age.
Squalene is an important component of our body, but it is a component that decreases in most organs as we age.
Please take advantage of our high quality squalene products,keep your body healthy and youthful.

250 mg of squaleneis equivalent to this amount when converted to various foods!

Tuna (canned) 8kg

Beef 12kg

Butter 4kg

Cheese 2kg

Olive oil 60g

Peanut 11kg

Avocado about131kg

It is not possible to get the required amount of squalene from food. Samemilon Capsules can easily supplement squalene!

Difference between Squalene and Shark Liver Oil

Putting all that time and effort into shark liver oil, we produce squalene health food!

Advantages of Purification

Increased squalene purity

Easily oxidizable fatty acids and other components can also be removed!

Samemilon ingredient - squalene

Belief of Nissei Marine Industry

High-purity squalene

Deep sea shark liver
Distillation process based on a unique patented technology.
Quality Control:
In-house regulations and thorough quality control by external analyzers.

Characteristics of refined squalene raw materials used in Samemilon


Unique manufacturing method (patented)

  • Our company's unique production method and professional and technical personnel carefully hand-made


Do not use organic solvents, etc.

  • Use only safe water-soluble materials


Always use fresh squalene

  • To prevent raw materials from oxidizing, liver oil is refined according to the required amount each time a product is manufactured, and capsules are processed quickly.

Highly rated by experts

Things that will be loved even more over time
~With over 30 years of experience in this field, so I can tell you the real goodness of the product.

ShiHua Yuan

Director, Kyorin Institute of Chinese Medicine InformationVisiting Professor,
Niigata University of Pharmacy and Life SciencesFormer .
Professor, Changchun University of Traditional Chinese MedicineVice Chairman of the World Federation of Pharmaceutical Associations and Geriatrics Professional Committee.
Vice President, Asia Pacific Society of Prematurity Medicine.
Honorary President, Japanese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Honorary Chairman of the Japanese Branch of the Sasakawa Scholarship Society.

I have been in Japan for 35 years already. During that time, I have been introduced to various health foods by various companies, but there is only one that I have taken constantly for more than 30 years since I first encountered it, and that is "Samemilon". I would like to share with you my experience of being impressed with "Samemilon" from Nissei Marine Industry.

I have had a weak constitution since I was a small child and often catch colds. I would catch at least five or six colds a year, often with coughs and fevers, and they would often last for a long time. However, since I started taking Samemilon, I have not had a cold or even the flu. The reason for this can only be attributed to the action of squalene, the ingredient in Samemilon.

In addition, I am impressed by the restorative power of squalene. One of the most common ailments I see in my patients is mouth ulcers, which are painful ulcers in the mouth that often prevent them from eating. It is not fatal, but it is very recurrent and painful. I have had many stories of patients getting better simply by chewing a Samemilon capsule and allowing the squalene inside to touch the affected area. Also, in the case of a sudden injury or burn, you can tear Samemilon caboose and put it on the wound so that affected area can have a visible effect, both in preventing infection and in repairing the skin.

I often climbed high mountains to research medicinal plants and travel. Some of the most famous mountains I climbed were Meili Xue Shan and Huanglong in China in my 60s and Matterhorn in Switzerland in my 70s. I was able to enjoy the wonderful scenery without using the oxygen pumps provided by the travel agency. As I watched the crowd of young people enter the specially built oxygen hut on the way up, my heart was filled with gratitude for the power of Samemilon and the sharks.

I was impressed by the effectiveness of Nissei Marine Industry’s "Samemilon" product, which can be taken as it is or used externally. Facial blemishes are a common concern not only for women after middle age, but also for men. I think Samemilon is the quickest way to solve this problem. When I perform pulse diagnosis on young female patients, I am often told, "I don't see any spots on your face or hands, Dr. Yuan. It may be half flattery, but I am still a little happy despite of my age of 80. I have been introducing the secret of my youthfulness to my patients, saying, “This is thanks to Samemilon, so please take it and try it on yourself.

The “Samemilon” that I have mentioned so far has been a product for use only in Japan, but Nissei Marine Industry has decided to launch a product exclusively for overseas markets in order to "let people overseas understand the genuine quality of squalene made in Japan.

In this age of convenience, we are selling our products through cross-border EC, so there are no troublesome proceedures and the genuine products will be delivered directly from the manufacturer. I hope that as many people as possible will experience this as I did. Let's receive "Samemilon", a benefit given to us by sharks.

“Samemilon" is a unique treasure
~ Commercialization of a hidden hard work ~

Masaji Ishiguro

Doctor of Science (Tokyo Institute of Technology).
Professor Emeritus, Niigata University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences.
Former Director of Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Chemistry.
Served as an external reviewer for several universities in Japan
and published papers in Nature and many other scientific journals

“Samemilon" is made from squalene, which is obtained from deep-sea sharks that thrive in the harsh environment of ultra-high pressure and low oxygen. Its huge liver, accounting for 30% of its body weight, contains a large amount of squalene (70%) and oxygen, and the flexible structural properties of squalene are utilized to protect the liver cells, showing how well those sharks adapts to the harsh environment.

In Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea," a sentence appears in which a character maintains his health by drinking liver oil high in squalene. Needless to say, this is because squalene has long contributed greatly to people’s health maintenance in our history.

Chemically speaking, squalene's simple structure, consisting of 30 carbons and 50 hydrogens including 6 double bonds, has both hardness and flexibility different from those of benzene rings such as plant polyphenols, which have been widely studied in the field of lifestyle-related disease prevention in recent years. And this cell-friendly squalene with its simple chemical structure is distributed in all human organs and is as important substance indispensable to humans, which is speedily utilized as energy, hormones, and cell materials in important aspects.

Squalene is an important compound that we humans continue to produce in our bodies from birth to death, but unfortunately, its production decreases with age, which is a factor that impairs the softness of the skin and the flexibility of blood vessels and organs. It is also known worldwide to play an important role in immunity, as evidenced by its use as a sensitizer in Covid-19 vaccines, and it is speculated that the increased risk of disease due to aging is related to the decrease in squalene production in the body. This is why supplements are used to cover the amount of squalene that the body cannot maintain due to aging.

“Samemilon” is produced by careful extraction from deep-sea sharks. I have studied many compounds, and I can tell you that this is a very simple, painstaking, and time-consuming process, and it is obtained through a series of professional, proud, and meticulous operations, never relying on simple extraction methods that prioritize profit. In order for the precious treasure obtained from deep-sea sharks to be used by the human body, the chemical structure of squalene must be maintained as it should be, with no unnecessary impurities. It is precisely because of Nissei Marine Industry’s meticulous work that "Samemilon“, a unique, one-of-a-kind concentrated squalene, was born.