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Company Name:Nissei Marine Industry Co.
Established: December, 1975
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Head Office:
1-57-7 Sasazuka, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo
Branch Office:
  • Tokyo Branch
  • Osaka Branch
  • Kyushu Branch
Choshi Plant
Research Institute:
Health Science Research Institute
Delivery center:
  • Dietary supplement
  • Quasi-drugs
  • Foods with functional claims
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmacy Drug Stores(1,300 stores)
  • Wholesalers, etc.

About Samemilon (information)

“Samemilon" is an overseas version of the product that has been loved in Japan for 48 years. It goes without saying that the technology to extract squalene, the ingredient of Samemilon, from shark liver oil, and to carefully extract it with high purity while maintaining the original functionality of squalene, is an exclusive production technology to Nissei Marine Industry.

Although we have already revealed most of the patented production technology, the detailed temperature control and extraction procedures are not all described. Many important processes have been left as undisclosed procedures. It means that there were many too laborious and tedious tasks to be written down.

Even today, craftsmen continue to produce with sincerity and responsibility as makers without simplifying any of the complicated procedures. It can be said that this product is the embodiment of "Made in Japan" itself.

Japanese consumers profoundly understand the advantages of Samemilon. Not only is Nissei Marine Industry's Samemilon, which is more expensive than other companies' squalene products, manufactured with the intention of contributing to the maintenance and improvement of everyone’s health, but it is also packed with unparalleled sincere love, peace of mind, and 48 year’s worth of testimonials from many people taking our product.

Many countries have seen an increase in the number of middle-aged and older generations anxious due to lifestyle-related diseases. As a result, many people are now deeply concerned about maintaining and improving their own health. Nissei Marine Industry has now expanded the production scale of Samemilon for the purpose of meeting these demands and has been preparing to make Samemilon available outside of Japan beyond the "Japan only" framework. Since the demand of our product in Japan is increasing year by year, we plan to purchase a limited quantity of Samemilon through the cross-border e-commerce system for the time being, but we intend to further expand the production in the nearly future.

This is a product condensed of squalene obtained from the livers of deep-sea sharks, which thrive in much harsher environment of the deep sea where oxygen is extremely low and pressure is intense, than the conditions we experience in our daily lives. We hope that everyone who survives in the modern world will take advantage of this treasure from the deep sea.

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